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Leadership Reimagined Certificate Course

Leadership Reimagined is designed for those seeking to rethink and reimagine sustainable leadership practices in their workplace

Starting Date - Wednesday, Sept 18, 2019
Ending Date - Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Registration Begins - $1700 - 50% paid by September 1, 2019 - remaining 50% paid by January 31, 2020
Location - Learn More
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Course Fee - May 15 and ends July 31


In this culture, people are managing busy, fast-paced, and stressful lives. Deeper leadership insights and new training models are needed to help navigate a “life of leadership” that intersects with your personal life, the people you work with, and your organization. Developing your whole person and increasing your personal wellness are critical factors to becoming someone who can more effectively lead people…but how do you begin this type of leadership journey? We are offering a NEW whole person leadership training experience that is intentionally designed to build your leadership resilience and increase your capacity to risk, reflect, and relate.