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Natural Abilities Assessment

Helping you move forward with clarity by

discovering your natural abilities

Everyone has natural abilities
which are different from skills and personality traits.

If you are not using your natural abilities, you can feel dissatisfaction, uncertainty, and stress.


When you are using your natural abilities, you experience effectiveness, efficiency, and personal satisfaction. 

highlands will help you answer
these important questions

  • What do you do easily and well?

  • How do you learn best? 

  • Do you prefer to study alone or in groups?

  • Are you compulsive about organizing your homework?

  • Do you think aloud or do you keep your thoughts to yourself?

  • What are your best employment options?

  • What future education should you consider?

  • How can you best contribute to your community?

When you understand your natural abilities, you are able to express your strengths and challenges to employers, have clear direction about post secondary education, and lead more effectively in your community. 

During Highlands, you will have the opportunity to learn about your abilities and interests and explore those abilities
in your real life.

How highlands works






Intro Videos

Review Results

Take the Test

Complete the registration process with Ledge

Watch 3 short videos to orient you to the Highlands Assessment

Plan a time when you won't be interrupted to take the Highlands Assessment

Explore your results with our Highlands specialist to understand your strengths and establish next steps 

Highlands utilizes the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), a series of online work samples, as a resource to provide insight into your natural, innate abilities. Highlands testing is a battery of 19 objective timed work samples that you complete online. When you finish all the work samples, you will receive a customized report that reflects your abilities.

The HAB is unique in that it measures your abilities based on performance rather than perception. Exercises such as recreating designs from memory, manipulating blocks in space, and putting images in logical sequence are some of the virtual tasks you are asked to perform within a set amount of time. Results based on timed performance are far more reliable than results based on self-perception or personal opinion.

you will experience the leading
Gold standard 
among student assessment Tools 

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