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Ledge envisions a world
where people lead relationally
and share power

From our years of working with teams, we are convinced that lack of trust and misuse of power destroy team effectiveness.

We work to develop energized teams

who share power and expand their impact.

Thanks for checking out Ledge Leadership.

Ledge is a Charity that offers team experiences and training for both young people and adults. When you participate in our adult training you are helping to provide financial support to our

youth and young adult programs. 

We believe that young leaders can learn to share power and experience transformative team leadership practices as they navigate post-secondary education, volunteer opportunities, and employment. Ledge's work extends into the systems and settings in which young people live, work and learn.

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Our Shared Leadership Team

Who We Are

We are a passionate and collaborative team that spans 3 generations. Our experience includes education, social policy, film, business, counselling, and youth work. We make decisions together and work to create an atmosphere of sharing and connection. Our Ledge culture fosters the values of being...



We actively work to develop our whole person to enhance our contribution and impact.



We lead by sharing power and mutually appreciating each other's abilities and contributions


Relational Communicators

We authentically communicate in open and meaningful ways 

How We Work

We approach our work as a collaborative. No matter the project or the partner, we put your needs and concerns first. Together we work to find solutions to move you and your team forward. Our work reflects daily attention to the critical actions of...

Co-Creating Content

We collaborate to develop fresh content to engage teams


Listening Deeply

We ask questions to appreciate different ways of knowing, being and doing


Actively Learning

We pursue education and experiences to grow as self-led people 


Melri Wright

Denis Head Shot-1_edited.jpg

Denis Bell


Amanda Buchnea

Lynda Head Shot-1_edited.jpg

Lynda Rees


Mike Wright


Korbyn Mclean

We are governed by our Board of Directors:

Amanda Buchnea - Guelph, Ontario

Charity Klapwyk - Keswick, Ontario

Lynda Rees - Collingwood, Ontario

Adam Noble - Kitchener, Ontario


Ledge Leadership

Charity Number: 849597844 RR 0002

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