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St. Mary's High School

Beyond High School is a FREE program that will prepare you

for the transition from high school to university, college,

or a new job by providing a safe space to connect and

learn real life skills with your peers.

Being prepared for this critical next step in your life will give

you more confidence and lower your stress.

Funding Provided by:

  • Kelly Graham Legacy Award

  • Community Foundation Grey Bruce

Give yourself the opportunity
to feel more prepared for the move to
university, college, or a new job.

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Along with learning critical life skills, Beyond High School will help you understand your natural abilities, so you are able to express your strengths and challenges to employers and have more clarity about what program you should apply for at university or college. 

You Will Leave
Beyond High School With...

  • 4 Easy Meals You Can Make Anytime

  • Information About How to Manage Your Finances and Create a Personal Budget

  • Tools to Help You Organize Your Life

  • Ways to Take Care of Your Personal Health

  • 25 Page Report of Your Natural Abilities

  • Certificate and Community Service/Involvement Hours on Completion of the Program

  • New Friends and Connections

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Program Details





Nov 8

Nov 15

Nov 29

Nov 22

Food Preparation 

  • Prepare a meal and eat together

  • Menu preparation

  • Grocery shopping

Finances & Organization 

  • Prepare a meal and eat together

  • Personal budgeting

  • Time management

  • Organizational tools

Personal Health 

  • Prepare a meal and eat together

  • Accessing mental, emotional, and physical health resources

  • Caring for your overall health

Natural Abilities 

  • Prepare a meal and eat together

  • Explore your strengths and challenges

  • Increase clarity about future school and jobs

Why we Created
Beyond High School

Students are challenged as they graduate high school and leave familiar support systems to begin employment or post secondary education. Also, some do not feel supported and, during the pandemic, many families have had extra emotional and financial stress. After high school, youth enter situations and contexts where they are expected to know how to function independently. When they feel unprepared, the transition to personal independence is more stressful and their capacity to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy is negatively impacted. Their stress is further magnified in the midst of increased employment or academic demands.

Although universities and colleges provide student support resources and workshops for new students, students may not access those resources when they are in the midst of the transition. Also, young adults who immediately enter the workforce after high school, do not have access to those same campus resources. 


Youth need safe spaces to connect, learn life skills, and talk about their hopes and fears for the future before they leave high school. This program is unique because it will provide both information and connection. Offering this opportunity while youth are surrounded by familiar family, school and community supports will help them prepare for the upcoming transition. 


The need for connection and support is even more critical for youth who are dealing with the effects of the pandemic. Youth experienced increased job insecurity, uncertainty about the future, and isolation. Initial research is indicating decreased mental health, decline in physical activity, increased substance use, and decreased sense of belonging in their communities.


This program will give participants opportunity to connect and learn as they prepare and eat a meal together. They will experience interactive workshops to give them training and resources to prepare them for the challenges of life after high school. Participants will receive a completion certificate at the end of the program.

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