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Be The Leader
You ARE Meant to Be

Join a Ledge Team Experience to become a

leader this world needs

Your life is too important to live without knowing who you are and how you
can be a leader this world needs

You want to make a difference but you’re unsure how to get there

You are discouraged by the leaders around you that lack passion and lord their power over people

You see your friends struggling to find a meaningful life of purpose

Your experience in school has not helped you discover the leadership potential you have


We have designed a Whole Person Development Model

that teaches you to…


by taking action as a whole person…mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This challenges them to be more aware of themselves, others, and the world around them.


by taking a step back in order to process past and present experiences, actions, thoughts, sensations, and feelings. This enables them to move forward with clarity and purpose.


by taking steps to communicate and connect with people in meaningful and authentic ways. This develops openness and flexibility and leads to valuing the individual contributions of others.

Ledge provides transformational team experiences to form you into a person who can lead relationally and share power

We know how hard it can be.
There are so many voices that put pressure on you to know
what you are going to do with your life.

Through a Ledge team experience, you will develop the
personal awareness, skills, and practices needed to be a leader
who can change the world

Our team practices and theories have been developed from working with young leaders for over 40 years of lived team experiences. 

“Ledge was foundational to my personal development. It gave me the tools and practice I needed to inspire and work within diverse teams.  I learned to seek the opinions of others, to influence and work collaboratively, to own my mistakes and share the team’s successes. I regularly reflect on the value these experiences have brought to my personal and professional life.”

ADAM NOBLE - Axonify

Find the Ledge experience
that’s right for you

A series of virtual conversations to give you and your friends an opportunity to reflect on the challenges COVID-19 has caused and talk about ways

to remain optimistic and hopeful in the midst of these changing days.

Now is the time to take stock of your natural talents so that you can pursue a field of study and career that aligns with your strengths and realizes your full potential. Highlands will help set you on the right path.

A diverse team of 18-30 year olds formed to design and implement a variety of events to support the personal well-being of their peers and gather the research needed to provide transformative programs now and into the future.

A FREE 4-part series of workshops for ages 15-18 to help you get ready to move from high school to university, college, or a new job.

Join a Ledge Team Experience
to become a leader
this world needs

1. Talk To Us

2. Explore Your


3. Change the


Let’s have a conversation to clarify your needs and find

the right program for you

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